Core Services

The Remittance App as of its current state features cashless, express, and secure money transfer services with the lowest exchange fees and best rates possible. But eventually, we intend to grow our remittance app to not only feature money transfer services but to be fully capable of handling transactions towards third party businesses as well.

Cash In


Our Remittance App is fully digital, which eliminates the need to go towards your local money remittance centers to transfer money. No need to waste time and effort into heading out withdrawing your money from the bank and personally handing your money towards the remittance store. We’ll make it as convenient for you as best as possible.


We also employ only the best security methods for your account and transaction’s safety. Through the use of SSL, JSON Web Tokens, password hashing, and encryption we will ensure that your account and your transactions remain private and away from prying eyes.

Easy to Use

Here at Remittance app, we make sure that you, our clients, find the app relatively simple and easy to use. With fast transactions and automatic money conversion between different currencies, you can ensure that your money reaches its destination without so much as to break a sweat.